Yatzy HD

The most fun you can get with dice!

Yatzy HD is the ultimate dice game! It's simple and fast to learn but can give you hours of fun! Yatzy HD runs on the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad and supports the Retina Display!

Three different game modes will keep you entertained and check for updates, because there will be more! The online leaderboards will give you a way to compare yourself to others and try to beat them all!

Great graphics, sound effects and the possibility to share your results on Facebook make Yatzy HD the best way to play one of the funniest dice games available!



Simple to use and fast to learn!

It's the game you know from your childhood! Start the app and jump into the fun!

4 different Game Modes

There is the classic mode, a double bonus mode, where you get double the points if you score something on the first try and two more modes!

Great graphics

The graphics really fit the game very well and you are not distracted by annoying animations!

iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad support

Play it on every iOS device you own! One app, all the devices and retina display support as well!

Online leaderboards

With the Game Center a whole world of people to compete against is at your finger tips!

Facebook integration

Show your friends on Facebook how high your scores are!

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